How Does a 3D Antenna Pattern Test Help You?

A 3D antenna pattern test gives you a visual representation of how your antenna performs. This shows you how you can best orient your antenna, and how far you can deviate from that orientation before your antenna becomes unusable. With a 3D antenna pattern test, you will be able to see any null points, or points where your antenna no longer performs. How does it work? Liberty Calibration mounts your antenna to a turntable that is capable of rotating your antenna and raising/lowering the height of your antenna. This allows us to get a 360° view of your antenna's radiation pattern. We can also use a drone to measure your antenna's pattern - see below for more information on that!

3D antenna pattern tests are good for all antennas, but they are particularly useful for hand-made antennas that may not have come with specifications.

To request a quote for an antenna pattern test, fill out our Antenna Pattern Test Request Form and email it to!

An example antenna pattern, generated by a dipole antenna:

Antenna Pattern example 1



Drone Antenna Pattern Testing

Liberty Calibration will soon offer full-scale antenna pattern measurements using an airborne drone. This allows you to verify and validate antenna placement on your platform against model predictions. It enables you to obtain real-world data of antenna performance placement on your platform, and determine real-world influence of platform structures on antenna performance.

Using a drone, Liberty Calibration can make measurements of antennas in a fixed place, such as cell and broadcast stations. We will also be able to use the drone to measure antenna patterns at our antenna testing site in Kimballton, Iowa. We will offer drone antenna pattern testing from 10 kHz to 18 GHz; we plan on adding 18 to 40 GHz at a later date. If you are interested in receiving a quote, please fill out our Antenna Pattern Test Request Form and email it to, or call 712-764-2197.

Drone Antenna Pattern Testing Can Measure...

Antennas Mounting on Vehicles
Antennas mounted on vehicles

Beam Antennas
Stationary antennas

Cellphone towers

Antenna on a Ship
Antennas on naval craft

And more!


What's New

Slight name changes on scopes & calibration certificates

We recently decided to update the names on our A2LA Scopes of Accreditation to better reflect our business structure. They now read "Liberty Labs - A Division of Liberty Calibration," "World Cal - A Division of Liberty Calibration," and "Liberty Labs Canada - A Division of Liberty Calibration." This follows our change from separate websites to one website, and will hopefully make it easier for our customers who do business with all of the companies. If you have any questions or concerns about the change, please email us at:

Updates to World Cal scope

We are still working on moving the rest of our mechanical/dimensional capabilties over to our World Cal scope. Currently, we have added micrometers, calipers, pressure gages, and scales/balances. If you want to know when a capability will be added, please call us at 712-764-2197 or email us at


What's Next for Liberty Calibration

Antenna Calibrations soon offered in Canada

To better serve our Canadian customers, Liberty Calibration will soon offer antenna calibrations in Canada. This will save on shipping costs and lead to shorter turnaround time. To learn more, please call the Liberty Labs Canada location at 613-599-9090 or email